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Crafting an exquisite symphony of love, our wedding style shoot planner, Sabrina, is your passport to a visual journey that transcends boundaries.

With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to turning dreams into reality, she curates an experience that goes beyond capturing moments; it’s about creating a visual narrative that echoes the unique love story that the team would like to highlight. 

I have been working with Sabrina for several years now and it has always been very easy and well organized, with a great atmosphere and really good relationship between her and any other services providers. She is attentive to details and very professional. I highly recommend her and her studio!

Caroline Pearsall from Wedding in France Music

Sabrina went above and beyond to help us find a new venue last minute, when our original Chateau had to cancel on us. We thank Sabrina so much for the effort, calming nature and all the support she provided us thru our hectic time! We very much recommend her for any of your wedding or event needs

Alex Wilson

Destination wedding in France - decoration flowers - Château Wedding France - flowers

Our process begins with a personalized consultation with the team leader whether he is a publicist, a wedding florist or photographer, where Sabrina delves into the nuances of your requests and your vision for the perfect visual celebration. From the grandeur of opulent ballrooms to the intimate charm of destination locales, she specializes in tailoring every detail to your distinct style.

Drawing inspiration from the world’s most breathtaking locations, Sabrina guides you in selecting the perfect backdrop for your style shoot. Whether it’s the ethereal romance of a European castle, the tropical allure of a beachfront paradise, or the cultural richness of an ancient city, her expertise transforms your chosen destination into a canvas for your unique love tale.

As your dedicated wedding style shoot planner, Sabrina handles all logistical details, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. From securing permits for exclusive locations to coordinating travel arrangements, she navigates the complexities, leaving you free to savor the anticipation of your special day.

Her collaboration extends beyond logistics; she works closely with a team of seasoned photographers, stylists, and cinematographers who share her passion for storytelling through visuals. Together, she choreographs each shot, capturing the essence of love against the backdrop of your chosen setting.

From concept to execution, Sabrina’s commitment is to exceed your expectations. She weaves together the threads of creativity, technology, and emotion, ensuring that every image is a testament to the unique beauty of your love. Her goal is not just to document your wedding shoot, but to create a visual masterpiece that transports to the magic of that special moment whenever you revisit the images.

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Sabrina Perez – wedding style shooting

Luxury destination wedding - Wedding dress - flowers
Bride in Paris - Elopement Eiffel Tower
Destination wedding in France - decoration flowers
Destination wedding in France - decoration flowers - Château Wedding France - stationery
Luxury destination wedding - decoration flowers
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Meet Sabrina

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