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The reasons for choosing to elope vary, but common factors include a desire for privacy, avoiding the stress of planning a big wedding, or simply wanting a more spontaneous and personal experience.

My elopements celebrate the freedom to choose love on one’s own terms, creating a special and cherished memory for your couple as you embark on a life together. My time has no limit when it comes to plan the most magical moment in your lifes.

I am always offering a high level of intimacy and privacy, allowing your couple to focus on your commitment to each other without the distractions and pressures of a larger event. My elopements can take place in a variety of locations, ranging from a local courthouse to a picturesque destination like a beach, mountain, or cityscape.

Couple kiss in Paris - bridge Eiffel Tower

Thank you Sabrina for making our Paris wedding a dream come true. You are amazing!

We thought it wasn’t possible to get legally married in Paris but with Sabrina it was! We had our religious ceremony in an English Church in Paris and now we can say that we get married in Paris, for real.

Thanks for being so kind and patient with us.

We had the most amazing time in France and it’s all because of you. We are forever grateful for you.`

Bianca Perez from the USA

Sabrina and Amelie were absolutely AMAZING! My now Wife’s dream was to always get married near the Eiffel Tower and they made it come true. Living in America makes it very hard to plan any sort of trip to Europe let alone an Elopement near one of the most iconic monuments in the world and these two ladies made it extremely easy. Always in constant contact, updates, face-time calls, everything. I would recommend these two ladies and DVV Events to anyone looking to plan an event in the Paris area.
Thanks so much from Mr and Mrs 😍😀👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍


Teddy Guardiani from the USA 

Liz and Fernando - Elopement in Paris - By Sabrina Weddings


The choice of location is often significant and personal to your couple. However, as a meticulous wedding planner, I can help you find the ideal location for your elopement. The world is my playground, and I will be delighted to be able to provide you with all my networks and connections in each country as well as my skills when it comes to understand your backgrounds and stories.

Our common point being travel, I will offer you services linked to your stay, whether restaurant recommendations, the arrangement of administrative procedures and any help you will need.

My multicultural and trilingual ceremony skills will help me to do everything possible to create your bespoke ceremony in the language of your choice. All your service providers from here or elsewhere will be chosen with taste, based on your story and your desires.

The idea is indeed to offer you the most delicious moments in the city and country of your choice so that this unique start of life together is the most memorable.

Elopement in France and all over the world

ingrid alban wedding forrest in france

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