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By Sabrina was born out of a passion for creating bespoke experiences. It’s more than just a business; I genuinely love what I do and care about my clients.

I take the time to get to know each client, to fully understand your personalities, tastes, interests and expectations. My goal is to make every occasion distinct, singular and personal to each couple. My weddings not only exceed client expectations, but they’re planned to perfection.

I am truly passionate and dedicated to what I do. I’ll never stop in the pursuit of creating the perfect wedding for my clients. My dedication, drive and enthusiasm mean that I am always looking for new ways to inspire and delight.

I am confident, considered and dedicated, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of making my client’s dreams come true. Clients sit at the core of my business. I take pride in the fact that my weddings reflect the best version of my vision, and each one is as unique as they are.

While every wedding I create is sophisticated, visually breath-taking and cohesive, the end design and experience is as different as the couples I work with.

Each wedding I plan is as important for me as it is for my clients. Therefore I curate the number of events I plan each year to ensure I can give my couples the attention they deserve.

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